InStock x Got Sole + Toddy Parc ave. ghetto story.

Yesterday, I hit up In Stock shop to go check out Toddy that runs the Got Sole consignment shoe store on Parc ave. A new shop that just opened up not to long ago. A combination of 2 stores. First is InStock, then its Got Sole. Very clean looking spot. Toddy already had a bunch of thievery stories. I knew that Parc ave. was somewhat ghetto with crackheads and all roaming in the area. I once got my biking gloves stolen in less than 5 mins of leaving them outside of Brakeless. Or also the day I saw a crackhead walk naked into the doorway of Sylvester’s shop. That’s how the Plateau is nowadays.  But Toddy had one crazy crook story about his laptop getting stolen. Ask him about it if you see him.

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