MDD. I’m Holding Up

Disappointment is the root of depression when disappointment fosters into our minds and souls; it leads to discouragement. So maybe if we expected both worse, this would be a number one remedy before we can talk about the symptoms. So, having told you about the disorder that dawned on me, I have been pulling through just fine, I am doing well. Below is a procedure I am following to get full recovery;

  1. Knowing the symptoms and signs of depression

Acceptance is always a magnificent mile towards any healing process; we have to accept that the problem exists for it to be solved. The first step to beat depression is recognizing the symptoms.

  1. Seeking assessment from a mental health professional

After knowing that I was suffering from the depressive mental order, and accepting the fact that it was messing with my days, I have been seeking assistance from professionals. I have been open to describe my symptoms, which has helped the assessors identify some depression.

  1. Getting the right depression diagnosis

For MDD, three significant treatments are known to be effective in handling the disorder. My therapist assessed the kind of depression I was struggling with and was able to get me the right diagnosis.

  1. Using the different kinds of medications

An essential step in healing is finding the right kind of treatment. The three types of MDD treatment include medication, psychotherapy, and change in lifestyle. These treatments can be used independently or can be combined for effectiveness. In my case, I employed the three as follows;

  • Psychotherapy- I used to, and still do talk to my therapist. I have applied both types of therapy which are interpersonal therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.
  • Medication- With the psychotherapy, I was able to improve. However, my condition was severe, which meant I had to accompany the therapy with medicine. My doctor prescribed an antidepressant which took me six weeks to be effective; this lets you know that I am doing well.
  • Change of my lifestyle- I was able to alter my life activities a bit, which have seen me just fine. I began regular exercises and better healthy diets.
  1. Assessment of my depression treatment

I have been assessed by my doctors on how I am fairing on, knowing that 80-90% of those who were suffering from depression can be successfully treated. And yes, I have been amongst this high percentage.

After therapy and firth trial of antidepressant medication, I was able to show a slight improvement; being amongst the third that does. For best results, an addition of another medicine to the antidepressant I was already using showed substantial improvement, as well as a distraction from my lifestyle.

  1. Getting complete Care for depression

Because patients of the mental depressive disorder should be well treated to ensure no virtual symptoms at all, I have received comprehensive care for depression which has lessened my high risk of getting the disorder again in response to the stresses in my life here and there. I have also managed to educate myself about depression and managed to establish a good support system.

With high rates of recurrence being documented in European and US samples of patients recovering from MDD, I am hopeful that I will not conduct the disorder again. I promise to regulate my stress, seek assistance whenever I need to, and do all I can within my means to ensure this never happens again. Hey, I don’t want you to miss out on me again.


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