The Nights With Apple Flavor

Lovers of apples and flavored-apple drinks well understand the fact that comparing the amazing fruit to others can lead to a lot of esteem issues. So you should probably try more apple products. So I am in Paris, and after a long day moving up and down, visiting amazing places, a man has to relax. By the end of the day, I was always worn out, but trust me, the best kind of getting tired from having a good day; this formed the basis of the memorable nights with apple flavor.

Did I mention to you about the Notre-Dame Cathedral and Musee du Louvre Museum which made my day? I wouldn’t miss reminding myself of the famous Eiffel Tower too. I visited many places which I will be sharing the experiences in later blogs, but for now, let’s concentrate on my relaxing in Paris after a busy day. I always enjoyed Calvados whiskey in the nights.

Introducing you to Calvados, it is a whiskey or brandy, which is a result of;

  • Fermenting apples into an alcoholic apple wine which is mild
  • Distilling it then follows which raises the hooch level greatly
  • An eau de vie then results, which is put into barrels of oak for a couple of months or even longer.

Pays d’Auge’s sub-appellation is Calvados, which is famous for yielding the most excellent spirits examples. The Pays d’Auge rules stipulate a double alembic distillation along with two years minimum aging in the oak barrels; with the finest examples typically aging much longer, even up to 30 years or more for rare cases; this allows the flavor to mellow as well as give it depth.

All that chemistry and fuss then produces a brandy characterized by earthiness and a certain sweetness. Apple aromas are attenuated enough by the process in such a way that if you are new to Calvados, a person will point them out to you. These Calvados brandies have different prizes depending on the quality, age, and producers, but a Calvados is a Calvados.

Enough details about the Calvados. I always wanted to try something memorable in Paris and being a lover of apples; I would go for Calvados. I googled the perfect place where I could get a quality drink, and one with a great ambiance. The search results did not satisfy me, so I ended up asking two ladies; Emilie and Louise, who guided me to Lavinia near Madeleine.

Louise and Emilie were so great and kind, and I was glad to have approached them for directions. So after knowing the best place I could get my Calvados, I could not wait for my day to exhaust, to go and sit to enjoy my drink. Calvados is just another whole thing!

Adrien Camut producers are regarded as the best, and I always tried their Calvados. Getting this apple-flavored drink became a regular act; On the nights I felt too worn out to go out, I always locked myself in the hotel room, move to the balcony and enjoy my drink.

Calvados became a staple in my room. But no pressure! I would regulate its consumption. One feels great when they drink, but even better when they are with friends. Having asked for directions from Louise and Emilie, I had just gotten me some new Paris friends, with whom we could hang and even try out the Apple Flavoured brandy. My nights with Apple Flavor were, therefore, the best in Paris.



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