Does music cause teenage depression?

teenage depression

The subjects of teenage depression and music have been researched and discussed for many generations. Researchers have toyed with the two concepts trying to establish a correlation. Among the things they desired to understand are the effects of music on the depressed teens. It is not just causes of teenage depression essay, but an attempt to understand the reasons of the depression.

For a long time, it has been speculated that music has a therapeutic effect on the human mind. Teenagers are at the height of their formative development. Therefore, they would stand to benefit the most if this were true.
Additionally, they are characteristically reclusive towards authority.

Those who suffer from depression are far more likely to keep to themselves further aggravating the situation.
However, if music did alleviate the brain, then the teenagers would be far less depressed on listening to it.
The other factor researchers studied was if music caused or intensified depression.
They were concerned of the possibility of teenage depression resulting from increased exposure to music.

This speculation was fueled by the suspicion that select entertainment media have adverse psychological effects on those expose to them.
Jones and Field concluded that the believe fallacy that music has therapeutic effect is erroneous and misguiding.
His sentiments are echoed by Maratos, who regrets the popularity of this theory. The authors believe that listening to music increases a person’s risk of developing depression by 80%.
These figures are much higher among adolescents. Teenagers are predisposed to depression as a result of many factors.

As Saarikallio and Erkkilä notes, the characteristic of music to cause depression largely results from the dark themes and sadness common in popular songs.
The music most teenagers listen to is littered with themes of dejection and hopelessness, making downhearted teenagers identify with them all the more.
Unfortunately, as fate has it, the hallmark of a contemporary teenager is one that is immersed deep into their earphones or audio devices, making the trait nearly impossible to correct.

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