Showing signs of a lack of hope or the feeling of all are lost in life can be termed as major depression or in other words clinical depression or major depressive disorder (MDD). This condition prevents you from the focus on important aspects of your life like sleep, friends, family, food, and education. Do not be surprised by the fact that this condition is at times hereditary. It could be in you due to the possibility of a presence in your family tree.

MDD manifests as every day or most days change in moods. A loss in taste for things such as relationships and things you previously enjoyed could be a sign of the existence of this condition. The symptoms of MDD at inception could last about two weeks.

One can identify the presence of Mental Depressive Disorder through some signs and symptoms. The method used for the detection of this disorder is known as the DSM4. The symptoms to be watched out for are as follows:

  • Lack of sleep or excessive sleeping
  • Lack of concentration
  • Unable to make certain simple decisions
  • Always fatigued
  • Though of suicide or near death
  • Weight gain or weight loss

Research by the National Institute in America shows that 7 percent of the over 18-year mark is affected by the Major Depressive Disorder.  In adults, about 20 to 25 of their population have somehow been in contact with depression.

MDD affects people across all age brackets, could be the youth, teens, old and medium age adults. MDD among many of its peers can be managed or treated. MDD can be handled mostly by prescription of relevant antidepressants and guidance by a medical practitioner.