About My Blog

I created derivedthread.com in 2009. Most of the stories and information are not just about me, I wanted to talk about the city of Montreal, and all that makes it a city to live in. I decided to call it derivedthread.com to mean obtaining information from people, other sources, through reasoning, or a combination of different elements or experiences that formed a series of continuously exciting stories. The information on this website was meant to be educating, life-changing and entertaining.

As a person, I have gone through some experiences. Most of which I am entirely free to divulge and talk about. Do not be surprised if we have gone through the same experiences. This blog was meant to enable me to talk about those experiences, share a platform of discussion and make those that interact with it feel better.

Almost everyone in this world knows something you do not know about. I did not create derivedthread.com for the entertainment alone; I wanted to use it to pass information. Information could be the lessons I have learned through the circle of life, educating each other is the shared responsibility this blog was meant to pursue.

Montreal is a great city. Each day I walk across the town, I see much; a lot that is amazing. The city and all that it comprises of   motivates the content on this blog. I could not go farther without thinking about where I have come from.   The thoughts of this blog are not new, the businesses, the attraction sites, the culture, and the people are things that I cannot avoid as I do writing for this blog.

I did not restrict myself to Montreal alone; I have gone out to other places. Travelling opens us to new possibilities.  This blog was a way of transferring the same thoughts and experiences to my audience, and for about nine years, I hope it has done so.