Definition of Derive

de·rive (di rīv′)
transitive verb derived -·rived′, deriving -·riv′·ing
1. to get or receive (something) from a source
2. to get by reasoning; deduce or infer
3. to trace from or to a source; show the derivation of
4. CHEM. to obtain or produce (a compound) from another compound by replacing one element with one or more other elements

Definition of Thread
thread (t̸hred)
– a. a light, fine, stringlike length of material made up of two or more fibers or strands of spun cotton, flax, silk, etc. twisted together and used in sewing
– b. a similar fine length of synthetic material, as nylon or plastic, or of glass or metal
– c. the fine, stringy filament extruded by a spider, silkworm, etc.
– d. any of the yarns of which a fabric is woven
– e. a fine, stringy length of syrup or other viscous material
2. any thin line, stratum, vein, stream, ray, etc.
3. an element suggestive of a thread in being continuous or sequential the thread of a story
4. the helical ridge of a screw, bolt, nut, etc.
5. ☆ SLANG a suit, or clothes generally

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